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Welcome to EMD Oilfield Services Ltd!

EMD Oilfield Services Ltd, a petroleum marketer represents a future that is filled with optimism and hope, a customer – friendly, service driven brand that embraces all the solid and traditional values of refined products distribution and takes them into the new technology driven millennium. EMD Oilfield Services Ltd is the brand that represents the warm, friendly face of the future. EMD Oilfield Services Ltd is a powerful and progressive new force which is set to change the face of the industry.

Factories Built

Our Mission

To be a growth-oriented industry leader reknown for the quality and competency of its people, the efficiency and scope of its operations, and its rich heritage of honesty and integrity

Our Vision

To be a Leading investor in the Nigerian economy and all aspects of Oil and Gas, Supply, Distribution, Transportation, Logistics, Haulage and Project Management.

We offer Industrial Solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

  • Quality Products & Services
    Our commitment to consistent quality experience is unquestionable. So, when you come into contact with us, the quality of service that you experience is never compromised, giving you direct access to the highest quality fuels available in the market. This is because we continually strive to surpass your expectations. At EMD Oilfield Services Ltd, we take service delivery to the highest level. This quality service is consistent at every point where we come in contact with our customers.
  • Performance Driven
    Our drive for excellence derives from a deeply rooted passion to succeed in a highly competitive market. This passion continues to build confidence in our customers who know that we put them first at all times and will continually strive to satisfy them.
  • Dynamic & innovative Energy Solution
    We adopt a fresh, bold approach to doing business; even breaking the conventional to satisfy our customers, we will readily roll up our sleeves to deliver. Today, we are committed to value-added business, which continues to provide the cornerstone for developing new generations of innovative energy solution that meet the ever-changing energy needs.
  • Safety
    Safety is one of our values and our number one priority. Our stated aim is to have no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment in the course of our doing business.
  • Competitive Pricing
    EMD Oilfield Services Ltd strives to provide value and savings to our customers by offering customers our best possible price.
  • Reliability
    We improve the reliability of our customer and build our business around being a reliable partner. Our success and reputation for reliability is built upon foundation of strength and differentiation.
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