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HSE Quality Management

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At EMD Oilfield Services Ltd, our topmost priority is for each of our team members to have a safe day, every day and return to their families safely. We are committed to a goal of zero health and safety incidents.

Our team member’s dedication to personal safety will result in their professional success and our company’s success. We know Safety is the most integral part of our daily actions and we all have a responsibility to ensure that Safety is first and foremost in everything we do. We endeavor to be respectful of and strive to ensure the protection of the environment now and for the future. At EMD, everything we do is dependent on the safety of our operations, workforce, vendors, as well as communities around us.

We strive to create and maintain a strong Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) culture by putting the safety and security of our people, protection of human health and the environment, product stewardship and customer satisfaction, stakeholder engagement, and operational excellence at the forefront of our all our operations.

At EMD Oilfield Services Ltd, the safe transportation of our products, from the terminals to customers nationwide, is an important focus area for us. This commitment is demonstrated by our adoption of best-in-class road transport safety principles and measures to reduce road transport incidents in our operations.

EMD Oilfield Services Ltd will endeavor to maintain a front-row position in its H.S.E. policies and performance

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